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Windows Unattended CD Creator 1.0 is a multilanguage software designed to develop customized Windows installation discs. If you have all the required files and your equipment meets the requirements described below, you will be capable to create your own installation disk. Although it isn't intended for novice users, with patience it is possible to make customized installation disks for anyone. When opened, you will find the language options on the right-bottom corner. And at the top, there are the tabs needed for use: Source-CD, Unattended, User, Mod, Driver, hotfixes, Software, Done and About. Source CD tab.- click the Select button, located in the section "Windows installation CD or directory with files" that are at the top and select the drive where you put your original Windows installation disk; then press the "Select Target" button and select the folder where you want to copy the contents of the above mentioned disk. This begins the copying process to your selected directory automatically. Upon completion of the copy process, press the other "Select" button located in the section "Service Pack" at bottom, and select the file of the service pack you want to include in your installation disk, then click the button "Slipstream Service Pack"; this begins the process of extracting and copying the SP in your directory. Unattended tab .- fill the blank fields with the required information (name, company and computer name, Product Key). In the middle there is another set of tabs that allows you to configure the various options that usually appear during Windows installation: Domain is to define the Work group and the creation of new user accounts. Regional Settings is to define the locale (language, time zone, dialing options and language groups). Directory , to determine the installation directories( usually leaving the default options is better). Monitor is to configure your display setting options. Network shows the configuration options for networking. And Components lets you choose the classical components to install (or not). User tab .- open the necessary user accounts and their characteristics (administrator, user passwords, auto login, etc.). Mod Tab.- is used to replace the own installation files for modified files, if you have any. Drivers tab .- here you can add the specific drivers for your hardware, in order to include them in your installation disk. Hotfixes tab .- add to your installation disk the hotfixes you deem appropriate. Software tab .- you can add the setup files of the programs "other than win" you want to include in your custom disk. Done tab .- simply to start the creation of the ISO image of your custom Windows installation disk . It is possible to close the program at any point in the process and resume it later. Important Requirements: * Installed .Net Framework (v. 1.1 with SP 1 and security patch or v. 2.0) * Windows 2000/XP/XP 64/2003 CD (as source) * A Program which is able to burn a ISO image on CD/DVD * Desired SP EXE file * Desired EXE hotfix files * Desired software setup files

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